I was raised to be a soldier. It is what my dad did for forty years. As a child my playtime was spent for the most part alone, training myself in the deep woods to live on the land, eat what was there, and to become as stealthy and deadly as a ninja.

Of course in those days no one in Alabama called themselves a ninja. The word  was soldier, and in my mind “soldier” had a grand kind of glory attached to it, a word of honour and sacrifice and solitude.  Besides, I never wanted to be anything else.

Until I was sixteen.

Why is this called guy a tree?

My name is Gaetano BonGiovanni. Close friends call me Guy. As a play on words I use the handle “guyatree” online. Why?

Is it because I am old, with deep roots and many branches, and because I have known many springs?

Well, sorta, yes…but to say it not so over-the-top dramatically–as is my nature in all things– first and foremost I use guyatree because I love the prayer Gayatri , but that handle was taken, so I thought of using “guyatree” since the sound is the same and I like the play on words, guy a tree or guy@tree.

As it turned out the “guyatree” username was available, and since my best friend thought it an ok handle, guyatree now can be found via flickr, gmail, skype, twitter, tumblr, and wordpress–so if you resonate with this ENFP, I hope you keep in touch!

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