Sriman Narayan Narayan Hari Hari. Teri leela sabse nyari nyari”.

(Sriman is a term of endearment and respect), Narayan means one who resides inside every soul (represented by water / nar- ayan ), as the Supreme Truth. The Supreme Truth has the Supreme Personality and performs the most unique (Supreme) pastimes or activities (leelas). Harimeans the One who takes away everything, beginning with your worldly miseries to your ignorance, and finally your self!

Om Namo Narayana is the mantra to surrender to Him! 23 minutes of bliss!

This singer is unbelievably talented.


<guyatree agrees. Too, in my view Narayana is the inherent spirit manifesting as all creation.  

Fortunately, multiple interpretations and purports thrive among Vedic students, scholars, and practitioners, viz:

Another interpretation of the word Narayana sees Nara meaning "human” and Ayana as “direction/goal”. Hence Narayana refers to the “direction of a human” (or the one that helps a human to his/her goal, i.e. towards moksha). Nara is related to moksha as both are rooted to the Water element (Ap), one of the Great Elements (Mahābhūta). (See also Tattva).:“ ( -this quote sourced here )


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