Thus half I heard: `line after line after line of our Muslim brothers kneel for Namaz in the bright sunlight of India. It is hot and humid already, even at this hour. Sri Sathya Sai Organizations in Chennai have organized even earlier so as to supply cool drinks for them as they return at the conclusion of Namaz. A number of tents have been erected along the sidelines of their return in order to provide shade for the weary. Thousands of disposable tumblers are kept on tables filled with cool drinks, and refilled for the very thirsty. We seva dals, as servants of the One God, are dressed in our service uniforms of white, with coloured scarves around our necks to signify the city of our service in surrender to the Lord of Love. All seva dal in Chennai this day will be busy in serving our Muslim brothers. It is in simple human matters,  such as thirst and the love, that unite all religions without argument or doubt, because Love is reciprocated with Love.’  

~ via a Servant of Love, a “seva dal”


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