I first `experienced’ that in-an-outta-you kind of pleasure between the ears when a lover played it for us, often, sometimes while we were cooing for many hours in the afternoon, other times for a quickie early in the morning before work, and of course it soon became one of those “our song” thingees.
Ah, them was the days, oh my.                     To be young, was very heaven.
Now that I am old and wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled, I do not hear that song in quite the same way as when a younger man, only; oh I still do hear it as an erotic `do-me do-me do’, but I also hear it as an ecstatic cry of Joy–like Rumi’s poetry, or Solomon’s Song–a moan from union with the Divine Beloved…and I hear it too as the Divine’s graceful yet demanding reply “You betcha; get in Here.”
As for your reaction, well… in my view the French have it right: “ à chacun son goût”

Peace in.


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