Easy Listening: Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Gloum Gam Ganapataye Varavarada Sarvajanam Me Vashamaanaya Swaahaa






Deep listening, Shravana: for multivisionary students of Clarity, Devotion, Mysticism, and Veda, Vedanta, or Hinduism:

“Om is the pranava – the source of all. It represents Brahman. Shreem is Lakshmi beeja and stands for prosperity and well-being of all kinds (not just wealth). Hreem is Mahalakshmi beeja and also known as maayaa beeja. It represents the entire manifested creation and running of it. Kleem is the Mahasaraswati beeja and also known as kaama (desire) beeja. The consonant ‘g’ belongs to Ganapathi. The beeja ‘gloum’ comes from it by adding ‘l’ and ‘oum’. Adding ‘r’ and ‘l’ to consonants, we make them work mainly through Pingala and Ida nadis (respectively), i.e. knowledge and surrender (respectively). The vowel added at the end ‘oum’ belongs to Maheswara and shows removing darkness. Overall, the syllable ‘gloum’ makes one surrender to the power of Ganesha and remove the darkness through that surrender. The next beeja ‘gam’ in the mantra stands for realizing the nature of Ganesha.

Ganapataye means "to Ganapati”. Varavarada means “the best giver of the best things”. Sarvajanam means “all beings” {all beings born of a womb ~guyatree}. Vashamaanaya means “bring under control”. We are not asking for one or two people to come under our control here. We are asking for all beings {born of a womb} to be under control. It should be remembered that each of us is a microcosm of the entire universe and various beings of this universe represent various aspects of ourselves. So we are actually asking for perfect control over all of our thoughts, all of our intentions, all of our actions etc. Control over all beings within us basically means perfect{ed} self-control.

We are essentially saying that Mahaganapathi represents Brahman as well as the well-being and running of this entire manifested universe that springs from Brahman. We are desiring a perfect surrender to Mahaganapathi, which completely removes darkness, makes us understand the tattwa (nature) of Mahaganapathi fully and hence gives us perfect self-control.

This mantra is a highly saattwik mantra. It destroys the tamas and rajas in us, gives devotion towards Mahaganapathi and makes us understand His true nature, which means understanding unmanifested Brahman as well as the manifested universe.“ ~A Sevak with Dr Manish Pandit.

Jai Guru


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