The Execution of Christ



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Sarde sings this so sadly, as if there is just a little trickle love coming back to her from this person whom she loves so much. It is a lonesome kind of loving, that one-way love, the way she moans couldn’t love you more
But then that’s the main reason friends and lovers part: they simply do stop loving more; one of the two establishes a “less”, sees a limit, questions the value or temporal endurance of the relationship.

From that moment on there is no getting around it; the one who wants an ending will see plenty of reasons to separate–or will make reasons, no matter if a reason is valid or fictional.

The best the other can do is "To give space when what one most yearns for is closeness, that is both the great test and great tragedy of love


September 27. 2012: Center Theatre Group maintained a long relationship with August Wilson and continue this tradition with the upcoming production of Joe Turner’s Come and Gone as part of the 2013 Mark Taper Forum season.

Center Theatre Group is proud to be the Southern California home for the National August Wilson Monologue Competition, in which high school students perform Wilson’s soaring monologues and bring his memorable characters to life.  

Applications are now available at monologue competition. (More details at the YouTube site.)


Solo MOnk

Queremos tanto a Monk que lo mismo nos da que se lo monte en trío, cuarteto, o como en este caso, se lo guise él solito.

Mientras escuchaba esta maravilla hace unos días con el Lector Constante, conveníamos que vendría de perlas como fondo musical de uno de esos especiales de “días de cine”: hoy, cine de periodismo. Un poner.

Thelonius MonkDinah (take 2)