>>Short notice, but if you are in the area I have a free orchestra seat for ya’<<

(My wife cannot make it today, so if you would like to join our party, lemme know at your earliest convience. Curtain is 2pm today)

As is my custom, there are usually two ladies ever with me: Buddhi and Siddhi.

In this especial case, however, an even more wonderful duo of ladies was to be my bride of 36 years and our friend Alma, who is a ballerina, a clog dancer, and is nearing 90; together we have endured over 215 years on this planet this time; today is one of the best among them!

Why today? Each year I, my wife, and friends attend several productions of The Nutcracker–but this performance– this one is so special. You see, today, children are the principal artists: each so young, so innocent, and so intent in doing the very best performance he or she has ever done, so brilliant and light– that we are each entranced and enchanted and made young and vibrant too!

(PS: next, the Los Angeles Ballet version.)


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