Hey you,

yo’ Mr. Cash!

(and yo’hey to you who resonate with this gif by “liking” it.)

I don’t know whether you mean you hurt yourself in the sense that you hurt your own feelings to see if you had any compassion left, or if you mean you physically injured your body to see if you still could experience something, even if it was just pain.

Either way, pain isn’t a feeling like when your sense of worth has been sleighted in public, and it isn’t an emotion either, like when your lover dumps you. Pain’s a  physical sensation that arises when the body is being harmed. Pain has little to with feelings. Suffering, yeah, suffering has a whole helluva lot to do with feelings, all kinds of feelings.

So, if you do mean you purposely damage your body to see if you still have “feelings” then you might have done it to see what suffering “feels” like when it becomes pain… and if you agree with me on this, then why would you encourage anyone else to do the same? 

I ask because when I wrote this reply, one thousand seven hundred fifty nine tumblrs had already “liked” this gif. That looks to me like a lotta people do encourage the experience of physical pain. (If you don’t encourage it, what did you mean by clicking on that little heart?)

If you do wanna talk this over, ask or message me. 


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