Saturday night into Sunday mourning


The night they took him, the other disciples fled.

The day they raised him, the men doubted.

The morning she returned from the tomb, mourning ended.

Even now, if one listens carefully one can just make out the words she shared:

‘If it is possible for sunlight to feel separate from the sun, then I miss you.

If it is possible for the wave to feel separate from the sea, then I miss you.

If is possible for the Beloved to feel separate from Love, then I miss you.’



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This is bullshit! What happened on 9/11 was done by terrorists. It had nothing to do with Islam.


Oh loving LORD of all the worlds, we seek refuge in YOU, LORD of the Dawn. Protect us from those who distort Your creations. Protect us from that Darkness which thickens. Protect us from those who work spiritual warfare against us. Protect us from those who whisper JEALOUSY and then vanish. Oh Loving LORD of all the worlds, we seek refuge in You.

I pray the Sustainer may guide me even closer than this, to a consciousness of what is right 


I don’t know about you, but when I grew up, relationships seemed to be an all-or-nothing thing. Your parents were married, or divorced. You were going steady, or you were not. There were no in-betweens, half-ways, or open-ended situations. Sometimes there was a natural in-between, but such a thing was a source of immense anxiety and excitement,which would persist until it became a solid form of relationship: either you were going out, or you were not.

This is a huge problem.”

                                                       ~Jennifer Stuart

Our Relationships To Our Relationships: Is Black And White A Thing Of The Past?



Religion is a set of ideas one believes in and practices. It is not a person, it is not a race, and it is not above criticism. Practicing religion is perfectly acceptable so long as no one else’s rights are infringed on in the name of it. Death threats and violence are not acceptable and any one who feels they’re in the wrong for stirring up such doing something law abiding themselves is an appeaser to fascism.