Have you seen The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, a modern re-telling of Pride and Prejudice through video blogs and social media? While the classic book by Jane Austen is typically thought of as a favorite among women, this project was created by two guys, Hank Green and Bernie Su. As the latter explains on the official website:

“…when Hank introduced me to the idea of adapting Pride and Prejudice for YouTube, my story mind lit up. I mean, it exploded.  How do you tell a classic story rooted in a specific culture and time period and not only modernize it, but retell it in a format that’s barely six years old while building immersive/interactive elements across different platforms? It’s an amazing challenge, and I love it.”

The story is still unfolding. You can follow Lizzie on twitter, facebook, google+, youtube, and of course, here on tumblr!


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