Adelanto Detainee Center is a Prison For-Profit, housing 1600 men furnished by ICE.

Nationally ICE has a per diem quota of 30,000 arrests, and assigns contracts with P4P’s guaranteeing every bed in each facility will be filled, every day, and pays the prison $120 per day per inmate. That is over $1 billion per year in taxpayer-paid fees sent directly to prisons for-profit.
 Some inmates are recent arrivals to the USA, others were long-term residents “incidental” in an ICE sweep seeking someone else yet who did not have their papers with them at the time. Some are separated from family who have no idea where they are. They are the “disappeared.”
Detainees do not have a right to a public-funded attorney, as their crime is civil, not criminal– and while a phone call is possible to the outside, the facility can charge up to $5, cash, per minute per phone call. (Imagine yourself at the beach, alone, without id or cash, and ICE brings you to Adelanto… anyone can be “vanished.”)
My church members volunteer to meet with detainees held at the Adelantio, California facility. Here are excerpted small sound files from a three hour workshop June 29, 2013, presented by Victoria Mena and Luis Nolasco,   on how best to interact with the warden, guards, and detainees.
These audio files are in order chronologically via date, hour, minute, second.
Videos of related interest, Prisons for Profit: ,




Nepenthes adnata is a tropical pitcher plant endemic to Sumatra where it grows on mossy sandstone cliff faces above the Tjampo River. 

Insects seeking nectar from glands below the pitcher’s rim lose their footing and fall into a pool of acid and digestive enzymes in the bottom of the pitcher. Most struggle until they drown. A few manage to swim to the sides and succeed in scaling the wall into a zone of digestive glands, only to become hopelessly mired in sticky juice.