WordPress and Gravatar

When WordPress began inserting advertising in my blog there, I decided not to renew the domain with WordPress (guyatree.com) all the while thinking my WordPress account would revert to guyatree.wordpress.com, even after payments from me stopped.

I erred.

When I told WordPress a month in advance why I was not renewing, and how upset I was that they were inserting ads into my paid-for blog, WordPress did not reply. Instead, WordPress did put up a notice at my gravatar account advising readers that I had not renewed guyatree.com, but (as if solace)  hey– readers can still access guyatree’s WordPress postings via guyatree.wordpress.com’

Except WordPress won’t let readers access the posts. Instead wordpress blocks access, even unto this day.

Too, gravatar, which is owned by WordPress, no longer allows me to edit my online accounts linked with them, just as “my” wordpress blog stays “open” even though access to readers is blocked by WordPress.

From my experiences with WordPress and Gravatar, I suggest no one buy a domain from WordPress (unless you plan to pay them for like evuh.)

Peace in


PS: Readers may now find my postingsvia guyatree.tumblr.com , with the permalink from WordPress and tagged WORDPRESS, and/or check out this poll






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