Forgive me for being so blunt, but: what are your qualifiacations and credentials to teach about Hinduism?



An excellent question, and surprisingly you’re the first one to ask! One should always be ultra-skeptical when it comes to listening to spiritual advice. 

I don’t have any qualifications, credentials, certificates or degrees. I haven’t studied Hinduism in any programs or universities. I don’t have a single source of information fed to me. I’m not the product of an ashram or religious retreat. I’m not part of any specific ideology of Hinduism. 

I’m just a practicing Hindu. I study scriptures and read a lot. I pray often and perform my daily pujas. I attend my mandir and participate in events and festivals. I ask a lot of questions to elders there. I am a good listener. I’m not some sort of wandering ascetic with internet access, and I don’t claim to be any type of spiritual master or advisor. 

For over four years I’ve been running this blog as a way to spread countless hours of intense scriptural study to those who can’t dedicate the time, lack the resources or are just looking for an easy-to-understand explanation. Most of the pieces I share on this blog are the results of a few hours of Sanskrit-decoding and pages of scriptures and their commentaries. Besides that, just being present and active in the Hindu community has given me all the knowledge I need to understand more complex or seemingly contradictory teachings. Where many are afraid to ask, go, read or venture, I will gladly. 

As a Hindu, it’s also my duty (and all other Hindus duty) to help those outside of the culture to understand what exactly we do and believe in order to destroy any assumptions or leave misconceptions to linger. I’ve seen many ‘use’ Hinduism in a distorted way, or claim to understand something without any prior research. I don’t like those things, so I made this blog as an open place for those individuals to see the real Hinduism and stop guessing, fetishizing or remaining ignorant. 

However, the dedication and drive for perfection that goes into this blog is mainly for the Hindu community here on Tumblr. There are many Islam, Christian, Buddhist, New-Age, and ISKCON-based blogs here, but no single consistently Hindu one. Thehindublog is to remind us Hindus that our culture and religion isn’t some incomprehensible ancient practice, it’s not just our parents’ or grandparents’ superstitions, and it’s not a dying religion. Hinduism is accessible, open, modern and compatible with your lifestyle. There’s a lot of us that are afraid of being labeled as “too traditional” because of our practice, but it’s only because they haven’t had a reliable support system. Thehindublog aims to be that support system. 

Hinduism is our eternal religion, so how could I not dedicate myself to spreading knowledge?  

Jai Shri Ram!

I am but an echo:




“Beyond the senses is the mind, beyond the mind is the intellect, higher than the intellect is the Great Atman, higher than the Great Atman is the Unmanifest. Beyond the Unmanifest is the Being, all−pervading and imperceptible. Having realized Him, the embodied self becomes liberated and attains Immortality. His form is not an object of vision; no one beholds Him with the eye. One can know Him
when He is revealed by the intellect free from doubt and by constant meditation. Those who
know this become immortal.”

-Katha Upanishad, Part II, Chapter III, 7-9

Kha Tah Ha Tah Ma Tah Jai Guru



Posted by permission: “Kali Maa with her bhaktha Sri Ramakrishna." 

Photographic Image via Joshua N. Einhorn, PhD, August 2014, India.

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