Ibn Taymiyyah also states:

The companions of Muhammad had never used the diacritical points or the vocalization for the Qur’an. For each word, there were two readings—either to use (for instance) ‘ya’ or ‘tah’ in such words as ‘they do’ or ‘you do’. The companions did not forbid one of the readings in favor of the other, then some successors of the companions began to use the diacritical points and vocalization for the Qur’an.[4]
This means more than one reading was accepted by Muhammad.

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an angel told Mohammed to publish every word he had heard the angel say to him, and nothing else


the times when Jesus was alone, an angel told the gospel writer what Jesus said,


Paul the Apostle never read the four gospels (or ‘the Apocalypse/Revelations’)


Buddha was raised to follow the teachings of Mahavir (or SiVa, etc)


Catholics are obligated to do exactly as the Pope commands or face excommunication,

Not even one word has been added or changed or deleted from the Bible, ever