There were rumors of a priest old enough
to be her father. She was the Latinist
he needed for his work on medieval texts.
Her family had no reason to suspect

her deference to a learned man.
She wrote she was swayed by his fame
as an Aristotle scholar
after I asked had she ever loved him.

When her clothes strained at the seams,
both may have talked of crossing
the border into Belgium.
I don’t know. No one must know,

they agreed, except their confessor,
and a colleague or two.
Dust on cathedral windows,
gathered in bouquets,

shook out again in wind and rain.
Birds migrated, wedge shaped shadows
on deltas and plateaus.
In the sacristy, among surplices and robes,

he paced, a man clouded over with regret
for the child he might not hold.
And the woman lodged in another country?
My father did not hear her screams

pierce the leaves as I unfurled.
Clouds like bridal veils drifted above the city.
Hidden with the Sisters in an outlying part,
I grew where flowers took root in dry fields.

Soon the priest will be buried near the sea,
but my mother would grow old, recording parchments
and tomes on the history of the church.
After she slides into earth, nothing

of his name, nor mine, not a scrap
will be found in locked boxes or her vaults.
None will guess a child had slipped out
of those delicate thighs. And I will have my say.

“A Story,” Colette Inez


YURI HONING – For Turiya

Alb. “Memory Lane” (2001.)


Yuri Honing – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone; Maarten Ornstein – clarinet, bass clarinet; Emily Benyon – whistle; Jacob Slagter – horn; Keiko Iwate – violin; Fred Pot – cello; Achim Kaufmann – piano; Frans van der Hoeven – double bass; Joost Lijbaart – drums


…the Buddha made the important point that we need to look at our actions, words, and thoughts before they arise

@guyatree adds: by all means, do look at a thought before it arises, and as it manifests, and after it pops. It’s good to spend time doing nothing. 

( Sometimes it seems that all religions, including Buddhism, arise first to keep the mind from directing other people in traffic, and then to get out of the way.)

Original pithy advice, however is via wildmind at