Look to the dreamers…



Impossible gibberish no one
Can understand, let alone believe;
Still, I try, insist I can
Say it and persuade you
That the knowledge is there that the
Is yours.

~Philip Glenn Whalen


This is my country; may God judge us not as we deserve.

“Psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, the two men who designed and implemented the ‘novel interrogation methods,’ are being sued in US federal court by other CIA torture victims. The CIA destroyed the videotapes showing Zubaydah’s interrogations. ”


The final test of sincerity is the willingness to face consequences, and the supreme test the perseverance to death. We hope that people will now be satisfied that the conscientious objector may at least be what he professes to be, and is not necessarily a mere coward masquerading under fine pretence.

Manchester Guardian, June 27 1916