A Coulter blooper: ‘Trump is denounced for his alleged “racism, homophobia, sexism, anti-Semitism, Islamaphobia!” 

No one stops to think: Wait a minute! These are all groups Trump has showered with affection, with the exception of Muslim immigrants – who persecute the other four. ’

Yup. Trump has showered affection on racists, homophobes, sexists, and anti-Semites. Even Ann notices that.


Mnuchin got an agreement that guaranteed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. would absorb almost all the loan losses [of IndyMac] after a certain threshold. After renaming the bank [to OneWest], it was profitable within a year. In October 2011 about 100 protesters marched on his Los Angeles mansion, angry about foreclosures. “Steve Mnuchin,” one sign read, “Stop taking our homes.” He and his partners sold the bank in August 2015 [for billions].

Via Bloomberg News, November 14, 2016, edited.

That had been my bank. Taxpayers paid the losses, Mnuchin made the profits. Just as Trump uses bankruptcy law to avoid paying contractors and workers, Mnuchin used “reorganization” to foreclose on homeowners. He is now consulting for President-elect Trump