Himmler is growing, and he spells his name with a B this time

DPOTUS removed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence from the National Security Council. He replaced them with Steve Bannon.


Bannon had neither government, nor secret intelligence, nor truly high-level military experience; his experience is fomenting discord, leading a propaganda outlet (Breitbart News), peddling nationalist and white nationalist viewpoints, and encouraging chaos. He’s adept at it, and he’s funded by the billionaire Mercer family.

This could be deeply concerning in and of itself. But one of the jobs of the NSC is to oversee a secret panel that authorizes the assassination of “enemies of the United States Government” – including American citizens. These targeted killings are fully authorized by law under the Congressional military authorization act following 9/11. There is no trial, no due process, and no public record of the decision or of the assassination itself.

Just to recap the horror of this absurdity: the President of the United States has removed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and in his place has appointed a known propagandist, nationalist, and white supremacist to
a high council which authorizes secret, legal, targeted killings of American citizens (and others).

What You Can Do:

-Go see, visit, text, fax or phone your Senators and Congressperson this week and demand that they publicly and legislatively oppose Trump’s appointment of Steven Bannon to the NSC. (Chill. There is an app for that: Countable, on iTunes and Google Play)

– Spread the word about this event with your local networks, since this is not getting a lot of coverage.

(This is edited from other sources, includes unsourced quotes, and was not authored by @guyatree)