AIDS, medication, and freedom:

“In 2014, 37,600 Americans were newly infected with H.I.V. That number has declined only slightly over the last decade, as America’s epidemic has settled into a baleful equilibrium of slow growth and rising costs. The lack of progress is especially disheartening considering that H.I.V. medications, when properly administered, render patients almost totally noninfectious. These medications aren’t new — they’ve existed for two decades. If every infected American took them, our epidemic would be over. Instead, of the roughly 1.2 million Americans with H.I.V., only 40 percent are on medication, a rate lower than South Africa’s.”

Source: The C.E.O. of H.I.V.


“Menachem and the Sicarii rallied to the temple captain’s side. Together, they expelled all the non-Jews from Jerusalem, just as the scriptures demanded.”

Zealot, by Reza Aslan, page 36

I’m not familiar with just which scriptures Aslan alludes, and since searches brought only the much later linked text to hand, I am guessing that Aslan references pre-Christian rabbinic writings such as Mishnah and Talmud as ‘scriptures’.


Expel all non-Jews from Jerusalem, as scriptures demand. (WHAT?)