I pray the Sustainer may guide me even closer than this, to a consciousness of what is right

It is said the LORD has no partners.


Why perhaps because ALLAH is indivisible, not-two.

A partner, in this sense then, is something (or someone) distracting one’s attention from the divine and thereby making The One seem to be “two” or more.

(By “partnering” with G-D, one is giving attention or importance to anything or anyone other than The Unique Eternal Light of all the worlds, Allah: The oft-forgiving, most merciful.)

Thus while superstitious idolatry may be a common form of making partners with The One GOD, so too may worshiping holy saints be a form of partnering,
so too
may a partnering with ALLAH be
feeling one is elevated among one’s brothers and sisters, be that due wealth or status or knowledge, or humility.