This show was my favorite off-Broadway experience for a long, long time. 

Even today, whenever I hear a song from the show I still think of how the parents change. For example, there is a song in “The Fantasticks” (plant a radish) which for me perfectly examples how people, especially parents of kids going through changes  come to remember how expressing compassion helps understanding, and understanding helps respect, and respect supports love. 

BTW, that’s also what PFLAG is about. (The PFLAG I attend meets every third Thursday at 370 Royal Avenue, in Simi Valley CA 93063). The number is at the national online directory for 93063 


Simi Valley United Church of Christ

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Juliet, your father called. He said, “Read the subpoena”

It has been said that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

While that is the truth, one might note that names matter, and (legally speaking) truths are not always facts–especially as regards legal matters.

For example, “World Vision” has recently exampled why it is not named “Christ Vision”

Thus should one come across an e-account such as @WorldVision, one might infer it is an online voice of the charity named “World Vision”, and that inference might prove factual, or not. (Inferences, you see, are not facts, and facts need not be truths, legally speaking.) One needs must verify facts, not just infer them.

Thus, should one come accross an e-account such as “” one might infer that any postings therefore represent the voice of that specific legal entity, with tax exempt status, which is known as and is located at The United Church of Christ in Simi Valley, 270 RoyalAvenue, 93065, USA

 however such an inference would be inaccurate.

Legally, names matter. Especially in legal matters, but also in metaphorical matters.
The fact is the only online voice having any legal connection to that especial theological and legal entity at 270 Royal Avenue is to be found via United Church of Christ – Simi Valley

[I know this because I attend that church. Yes, Muslims are welcome at this church, as are Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Protestants, Christians, Mormans, Chin, Zen, Pure Land, atheists, humanists, straights, gays, bi, trans…: all persons, without reservation.]

Thus, one now might affirm, correctly, that any and all accounts using any initials or acronyms of the church name such  as but not limited to “UCC_SIMI” or “SIMI_UCC” are in no wise to be associated, neither legally nor metaphorically, as having  any legal or theological connection with that national legal entity known as “The United Church of Christ”, nor are any such online sites to be associated legally or metaphorically with that legal entity occupying the buildings located at 270-272 Royal Avenue in zip code 93065, nor with any staff, employees, pastors, teachers, or students thereof.

Names matter.

May the Gracious Lord, and able attorneys, ever protect the good and defeat the wicked, all ways.

Allahu Akbar: The LORD G-d is ever greatER!

(Do I hear an AMEEN?)


Roughly 80 years before the fictional lords and ladies of Downton Abbey begin to realize it, Tocqueville understood that the world of aristocratic privileges was slipping away and would soon be reduced to ruins. That is what inspired his religious terror.

The same terror grips opponents of gay marriage today, as the Christian principle of equality overturns and transforms the Christian tradition’s historic understanding of what a marital partnership is and can be. In this sense, at least, opposition to gay marriage parallels an earlier generation’s opposition to interracial marriage. In both cases, the opponents of change are attempting to stand against the march of equality.”

Ya say ya wanna n’evolution?