By posting the link here, it is my pleasure to share with you another benefit of such diets: good companionship.

You see, as a Hindu who for decades had been fasting Monday and Thursday, it was a wonderful surprise when I accepted Islam to find companions in masjid who also were fasting Monday and Thursday. Hence my first  Rama Dawn… er… pardon, I meant to write “Ramadan” (a month-long fast during daylight) was joyously shared too.  

Should this article bring consideration for your own fasting diet now, I wish you good company and a healthy longer life.

Peace in



Fasting-like diet turns the immune system against cancer


Islam has no priesthood, and no intermediary between any muslim (man or woman) and That One Who Hears And Comforts those who seek Him, and so I appreciate the ‘viewport’ in this video, namely, that for guidance, Quran takes precedence over any middleman’s.

However, I do NOT appreciate all of the views put forward by the person or persons in that video group…indeed the very next video after this one in their series, now calls on Hadith as authority, and not on Quran.

Besides that, this:

Please note I do not say they err, for surely
Allah leads whomsoever He wills to that place and time set for their best guidance now.

Peace in, this 13th 2:17pm of Ramadan, 2016.