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The Welcoming Church

Recently I was among friends and newcomers when the topic of our church came up.

One of the newcomers remarked that a friend had said to him, “well ucc in simi sure has the market on being the gay church.”

We all smiled, and some chuckled. No one said anything about it and the conversation moved on.

Then, after several minutes, an elder in the group asked if she could make a comment about the gay church? Everyone agreed, yes, so she said,

“I attend UCC in Simi. While I appreciate that the remark about us being ‘the gay church” was probably said without malice, I would hope that if anyone here now ever hears that being said again, that you speak up and say, “Well no, UCC in Simi is not "THE” gay church; it is THE welcoming church.“

We all smiled, and some chuckled. No one said anything about it and the conversation moved on.

The welcoming church. I like that.
My church is the welcoming church.

Too, while we are also an *open and affirming church, and while we are certainly welcoming to all, and we are also as individuals faithful to our own conscience, we are not allowed per church doctrine to say we are officially *"Faithful and Welcoming.”

Funny that, but still..

Words do matter


surely the spirit  of the words matter more– at least, to me.

So socially, surely as members of UCC we can say socially, as well as theologically, in safety and in surety,  say to friends and newcomers that

“our church, UCC Simi, is the welcoming church,”

even though legally or doctrinally we just may not be able to say that from the pulpit.

Do I hear an Amen?

(and the congregation sighed,


~ @guyatree

*reference source:


Roughly 80 years before the fictional lords and ladies of Downton Abbey begin to realize it, Tocqueville understood that the world of aristocratic privileges was slipping away and would soon be reduced to ruins. That is what inspired his religious terror.

The same terror grips opponents of gay marriage today, as the Christian principle of equality overturns and transforms the Christian tradition’s historic understanding of what a marital partnership is and can be. In this sense, at least, opposition to gay marriage parallels an earlier generation’s opposition to interracial marriage. In both cases, the opponents of change are attempting to stand against the march of equality.”

Ya say ya wanna n’evolution?