“Clinton’s work has been defined more by incremental successes than by moments of transformational change. As a candidate, she has struggled to step back from a pointillist collection of policy proposals to reveal the full pattern of her record. That is a weakness of her campaign, and a perplexing one, for the pattern is clear. It shows a determined leader intent on creating opportunity for struggling Americans at a time of economic upheaval and on ensuring that the United States remains a force for good in an often brutal world.”

For heart surgery, surely a patient chooses a doctor with actual skills , not just a yellow page advertisement.


The final test of sincerity is the willingness to face consequences, and the supreme test the perseverance to death. We hope that people will now be satisfied that the conscientious objector may at least be what he professes to be, and is not necessarily a mere coward masquerading under fine pretence.

Manchester Guardian, June 27 1916

If you DON’T vote Democrat tomorrow, all of us may never get another chance to….

Sen. E. Warren said. “The government runs for those who can make their voices heard. And they mostly make their voices heard through their lobbyists, through their campaign contributions. And that means over and over and over the tilt is in favor of the rich and the powerful.”  Watch:


                                     Unity In Diversity

A skillful assimilation into American society supports Unity In Diversity and serves to help second-generation AMERICAN Muslims to effect good changes in society, and in politics.

Note please I said American Muslims, rather than MUSLIM Americans. The distinction is apt, because although all Americans are from immigrant backgrounds (even Native Americans immigrated from Asia), and since wave after wave of immigrants have been able to prosper most in these United States when they have supported the nation wherein they NOW live, many have found it to be helpful and respectful to identify one’s nationality (by sharing one’s country of origin first), still it is most respectful to one’s host nation by stating citizenship here secondly, ie Asian-American, Russian-American etc.

So while we may call ourselves ITALIAN Americans, or AFRICAN Americans, or EGYPTIAN-Americans (showing country of origin first, and one’s host country secondly) surely when it comes to being a *faith community member* it would be helpful to be known as *Americans first* and as a faith member secondly. (This shows unity in diversity and also is subtly reminding others we are Americans FIRST, and as Americans we freely embody different faiths.)

Why is that important? Why because as one brother has said, Muslims are mis-identified by too many people as being but cruel hypocritical foreign revolutionaries, not as Americans who were born here, raised here, and who support the human values which America is based upon: equality under the law, and mutual respect, and equal opportunity, and the privilege to vote.

As one brother recently said (at Shura Conference):` My parents brought me here when I was two, and yet they still speak of home as Jordan. But my home is here in America, where my children were born, and Insh’Allah this is where my grandchildren will be born. My home is not where my parents were born. So I am a Jordanian-American, but I am an American Muslim, not a Muslim American"

Do you see what a difference words make? How a Muslim American sounds foreign, while an American Muslim shows freedom of choice?

So just as when you love where you live, you do keep it clean and want it to be safe, and you also do wish to help make your society fair and prosperous, surely too you will join other Americans in working to build a community which is a beacon of hope and equality for all. That is the  meaning and expression of UNITY in Diversity.

In this way all faiths may identify ourselves as American Christian, or American Buddhist, or American Jain, or American Atheist, and still express our unity in diversity. We are not Muslim Americans, we are first and foremost American Muslims, insha’Allah.

Now for the sad news: there is now but one American Muslim congressperson. The good news is that California is well-represented by several American Islamic communities in the sate capital.

To increase American Muslim participation in politics, The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is working to build voter education and participation in all communities, so that all minorities may be better represented in Congress.

In very short time Cair-LA has attracted a number of university students who see the future of Islam in America as clearly as any can see the future: it depends on what one does, now.

Speaking with a CAIR spokesperson at the Shura Conference in Anaheim, I was moved by his commitment to change America for the better for all her people, simply by using with skill and foresight the very same methods other immigrants and faiths over generations have used to change America for the better: by being active in American society when showing integrity and kindness, and by providing one’s family with education and skill-sets, and by *voting.*

Change is coming. Let all strive to be on the side of the good and the kind and the just.



I pray the Sustainer may guide me even closer than this, to a consciousness of what is right  

CAIR: Council on American-Islamic Relations